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A Sunday Family Affair

At my household, Sundays are a hectic time for meal preparation. After leaving our place of worship, my husband and I usually don’t have time to cook Sunday lunch. Therefore, we’ve started a Sunday family tradition. We travel to a local restaurant that serves an extensive buffet on this day of the week. Some of the eatery’s weekly offerings include roast beef, turkey, fried chicken, ham, butter beans, mashed potatoes, homemade dressing, macaroni and cheese, and too many other items to remember. In addition to meats, vegetables, breads, and salads, patrons can help themselves to delectable desserts as well. After eating this monumental feast, my husband and I don’t usually get hungry for the rest of the day. On this blog, you will learn the advantages of visiting a favorite restaurant with your family on Sundays. Enjoy!

How To Choose Quality Restaurants Locally

Whenever you have some free time and money to spend, you may want to check out some local restaurants. New ones pop up all the time. As long as you use this guide, finding great options consistently won't be hard.  See What the Community is Saying If you're pretty new to a city, it might seem difficult to find great local restaurants. Fortunately, there's already a built-in community that has found a lot of great spots. Read More 

Tips For Going On A Brewery Tour

Taking a tour of a brewery can be a great way to learn more about how beer is made, and also see some of the specific beers you might love being produced. Most breweries give public tours; you either have to schedule one in advance or just show up at a certain time to join in. Regardless of how the specific tour is arranged, here are a few tips you can follow in order to have an even better time. Read More 

Branching Out From Orange Chicken

Are you the sort of person who always orders orange chicken when they visit a Chinese restaurant? There's nothing wrong with orange chicken; it's a really tasty dish, which is probably why it is so popular. But if it's the only thing you ever order, you're missing out on a whole other host of Chinese dishes that are also delicious! Here are a couple of dishes to consider trying if you're ready to branch out beyond orange chicken. Read More 

Creative Ideas For Your Happy Hour Specials

Happy hour specials often bring patrons into a bar. But you might be tired of offering the same standard specials: a few dollars off drinks, 2 for 1 deals, and half-priced appetizers. There's nothing particularly wrong with these run-of-the-mill deals and discounts, but they're so popular that they have become a bit bland. Here are some new and creative ideas for happy hour specials that will delight your customers and perhaps earn you some new ones. Read More 

First Trip To A Caribbean Restaurant? 3 Must-Have Menu Items

As Caribbean restaurants are becoming more common in different communities, it may pique your interest to learn about the culture through food. Although there are a wide array of Caribbean dishes, there are a few you should try on your first visit. Curry Goat Goat can be an uncommon protein in many areas, but it is frequently used in the Caribbean. If you want traditional food, it is best to venture away from chicken or other proteins and try goat. Read More